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Serendipity Preschool - Wine & Yoga Fundraiser
7:00 PM19:00

Serendipity Preschool - Wine & Yoga Fundraiser

Arrive to this beautiful venue at 7 pm to place your mat down and have some time to socialize.  Perhaps use your included drink ticket to enjoy a glass of wine.

The gentle-flow yoga practice will begin in about 20 minutes and will last for about an hour.  Classes are designed to accommodate all levels including beginners.  

 Yes, stemless wine glasses are made use of.

Following the yoga practice, you will be invited to savor some yummy food while you socialize and mingle in this beautiful venue.

A cash bar will also be available.

* Included with your admission:  1 drink ticket, 60 minute yoga class, yummy food, social time.

Thank you for supporting this fundraiser for an amazing preschool!

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