Bring YOGA to YOUR school!

For Students

In the Classroom

We can come right into the classroom.  This is an ideal way to give students a mental and physical break in a small area – especially throughout the winter when they may not be very active outside.  

Our instructors will have your class so focused on moving their bodies in sync with their breath that they won’t even realize that they are exercising, being mindful and learning self-regulating skills all at once.  After a yoga session, they will be calmer, more focused and ready to learn.

In the Gym

Multiple classes can come together in the Gym to be instructed all together.  Separating Division 1 and Division 2 into groups would ensure that the music and style of the yoga session will be suitably captivating for everyone.

(Or, having YOGA as a “Buddies” activity where the Division 2 student helps their Division 1 Buddy *Our Division 1 style yoga often incorporates yoga books so we can include the reading element here)


For Teachers and Staff

After School or Lunch Hour Yoga

Stress Management!  Need we say more?  

Teachers and school staff are amazing contributors to our world.  They put in long hours, care for our children and manage all kinds of stressful situations in any given day.  And they absolutely cannot let the stress of their jobs show in the workplace.  We can help.

We come right to you.  You pick the day and the time and we will be there to guide you through a yoga class that will take your mind away from the day and help you to refresh before you move from the school to your home life. 


For Parents

At the School

If there is available space in your school during the day or after school hours then we can offer a class to parents.  

Parenting in today’s world can be a challenge.  The expectations, the busy schedules, the ADHD…our minds are spinning.  When a parent is struggling with the stress of work, schedules or parenting then it reflects on the child and the stress becomes circular.  Calm the parent = calm the student = calm the classroom = calm the teacher.  

*Bonus – it takes a village to raise a child – when parents are encouraged to participate in activities at the school then they meet other parents and become more active at the school over all.

Outside the School

If space is an issue then ask about alternative options we have to custom create a yoga class for your group of parents.


Yoga classes and events can be fantastic fundraisers.  Events in your school gym can accommodate a lot of people and generate a lot of funds!  Ask us about it!



Bring YOGA to YOUR school!